Balance of Mankind

Entrusted to Existence

From the thoughts of Alabaster Greyling

Their are two worlds that exist. We have learned this from the father of humanity, from The Emperor himself. Most live their lives unaware of those forces living in that other world, I face that world daily. The warp is a land of Daemons and chaos, full of carnage and evil, yet my powers flow forth from this darkened plane. This world is familiar to me and I can recognize its pull in the corporeal world, enough to see its denizens as they emerge. Daemons are humanity’s greatest threat, and now we have stumbled into their arms.

The search had not been going well, we were unable to locate any lead that might allow us to progress towards finding our friends. We were getting desperate, almost as desperate as that scum Jace incapable of keeping his pants zipped. We had gravitated towards the center of the city, the temple in our search. We continued searching without luck as the hours to the night’s sacrifice trickled away like sand through an hourglass. In our desperation I hatched a plan, one that seemed crazy enough that it just might work.

After preparing my mind, and the com device I felt I might need to summon, I strode boldly towards the statue at the center of the temple, and began to climb. I can say that I honestly had everyone’s attention as I ascended the face of their beloved false deity and drew my shotgun. I blew half her face off before the guards caught up to me. I kicked free of their attempts to grab me then launched myself down upon the guard at my feet. I landed upon him with a sickening crunch. I was quite pleased with myself, until a club slammed into the back of my skull. All I remembered thinking was, that hurt…

I awoke, seemingly a short time later, chained to the ceiling in a cell. Anatoli would later inform me I had been drug away to the counsel building. As I tried to sort out my bewildered mind the door swung open and High Inquisitor Maraxus strode in. I tried to gain insight into the situation through the warp, but Maraxus held me with his own mind. At the same time I heard the trill of a flute, what strange happenings. After a short but heated discussion I was convinced that this was not Maraxus. The fact that he was overjoyed at being sacrificed was a big hint, as well as his constant references to the false god Amestra. After a few words he strode out, replaced with a strange scuzzy looking piece of rabble holding an ink pot. I tried to yell at him to stay away, realizing my mind was at the moment about as capable as any other imperial citizen, but he advanced and tripped. The pot fell and shattered, covering the floor with its contents.

I tried to keep away from the ink, but I was not strong enough to hold myself off of the floor. I watched in horror as the ink then began to move of its own accord, moving towards me across the floor, then up my leg, finally settling at the base of my neck. It formed a balance and began to glow brightly. I groaned internally as the world fell away. My companions described similar meetings with Amestra. The talk of a gift and of a price, though I hear I used the most colorful language. Who knew you could offend a Daemon? I just wish I could have pegged her with that lugie. She soon showed her true, full fledged, daemon colors. This is where that two worlds stuff comes in. An entire world, devoted to a Daemon.

Did I mention I HATE daemon. Really, I really hate them.

Alright, so this crazy beast was determined to tear me to shreds. I was almost resigned to my fate when I was saved. By a PRIMARCH! A son of the emperor, Corax of the Raven Guard, appeared in all of his metallic winged glory. Driving the daemon away from me he then turned to me and charged me with a momentous task. Go to Fervidus, get an antidote from Rufus Stubbard, go to Morgran, and revive Roboute Guilliman (primarch of the Ultramarines). He told me we, me and my companions, are the key to saving humanity. Then he just flew away, leaving me with Her.

I stared again in horror as one of the two snake creatures hanging from her back lunged at, and latched onto, my throat. I felt the venom course through my veins as she spoke of a curse, and then I awoke.

Myself, Remus, John, and Jace were rounded up into a group and brought into a large underground chamber along with Maraxus, the council, and the pied piper. We were unable to move as we were elevated to the level of the temple we were under, trussed mentally like pigs to the slaughter. The sacrifice was about to commence when Anatoli and Inquisitor Jorvan leapt into battle. The fight did not go well though they were only stalling to give the Un-Shattered Sabers time to get to the temple. We were unable to do anything as our comrades bravely fought a losing battle. Just as it seemed we were about to lose Anatoli, Maraxus seemed to come to his senses.

I quickly healed Anatoli’s wounds, using the warp to force his broken ribs back into place and readied myself to start dropping enemies when all hell broke loose. Maraxus began to levitate and at the apex of his float blinding light exploded from his body and he began to change. He became scaly, snakes emerged, a balance and flaming sword appeared, as well as a blindfold. The daemon Amestra was amongst us. We quailed with horror, our times seemed up as she gloated over her victory. Then everything stopped.

All sound vanished and the world was still save for us, Amestra, and a well dressed figure in the temple doorway. He was chewing a blood filled apple as he argued with Amestra to spare our lives. Clearly dominant he forced her hand and we were commanded to leave the planet immediately. The mans presence, speech, and tendency to produce belching flames made him an easily recognizable daemon. I tried to bring Jorvan with us but we were commanded to leave him, besides the gravity around him was increased greatly. As Remus and I fought to lift him Maraxus returned to normal and begged us to just go. I stood and didn’t look back. We strode out of town behind this new unknown daemon, and were teleported to the Saber’s now empty camp.

As we strode towards the ship the daemon made his demands clear. We were to leave the planet for another, marked down in the ships log. As I entered the threshold a familiar voice came over the speakers. Roarick was in orbit, I promised him we would meet him and discuss what happened. As my companions boarded the daemon told us he almost forgot something. Searing images flew through my mind as he conjured up the sight of hundreds slaughtered, rivers of blood, and my own hand dispatching the God Emperor himself. Well, the truth is subjective.

Everything Balances Out

Excerpt from John Shaft’s mind

...So finally after spending half the day watching these native people who worship this God Amestra who I believe is nothing more than a false idol I find myself with Remis outside of this known hangout for the people who dont believe in Amestra. Remis comes up with this idea to get inside the hangout and do some investigating. I did believe it to be a good idea because these people could probably tell us some valuable information. Its a tightly run hangout with guards out front both wearing purple cloaks. Part 2 of Remis plan was to jump to people going in or out and take their cloaks and go inside. Good plan i thought as we both jab knives into the necks of our victims. We cover our faces and approach the door, they were aprehensive to letting us in but once inside i soon realized that we made a huge mistake. Im about to shit bricks because theirs like 20 guns pointed in our faces. Theirs something really unsettling about 20 drunk guys pointing guns at you. Once guy yells “Theirs a B on your cloak” and said “Of course their is, i love bees…” and he said no a letter B because thats Boris’s cloak! I soon realized that their is also a C on Remis’s cloak that stood for Charles….Dammit we killed those two chumps and stuffed them in a dumpster…I calm the drunks down by telling them Boris and Charles gave us these cloaks because they wanted to get new ones and Remis chimed in and said they gave them to us so that we could get in. So the man said “you will stand their until they show up” and we said “ok, can i have a drink?”. They didnt give me my drink and Remis and I knew boris and charles would never show up and we were majorly boned. we stood their for a hour and at one point Remis offered them cocaine, so i took the bag and cut out some lines and Remis and I went blew a fat fucking rail and got geeked up as shit. I thought everything was going fine, things were starting to look up and that we might be able to get away with this one untill one guy couldnt handle his blow and started having a seizer right their on the floor. Things went from bad to worse right their and didnt get any better as i someone landing a crushing blow to the back of my head knocking me out.

I awoke later in a daze as my hands and feet were both tied as i was laying on the floor. Remis next to me as well. I thought “things couldnt get any worse now so fuck it, i dont give a shit, if im gonna die im gonna raise hell before i go out. This idea was starting to come into full effect when this big ass mofo with arms as big my thighs, comes down and picks me and ask me what i did to Boris. I pretty much tell him to fuck off and i lost a couple of teeth for it. But i didnt care as it happens 2 more times and im beating to within a inch of my life and two deep breaths from slipping out of conscience. After he leaves im proud of myself for i didnt tell that bastard that i killed his friend. From point on things really start to go crazy…Next thing you know the air is getting really cold and I hear the voice of that flute playing blone panzy doppelgager who said “nice to see you again”. Next thing i know the room turns to ice and im encased in a igloo and blackout again. Im thinking as this happens, wtf is going on here. I cant believe this is happening and somehow im not dead yet. At this point i really regret this boneheaded idea of Remis’s.

I awoke later again wondering where the hell am i gonna be this time. I open my eyes to see that im in a room with 2 guards at the door and im shackled to the wall with metal chains. At this point im feeling good because im alive so their must be a purpose i havent fulfilled yet. Im ready for anything that walks in this room. I yell to one of the guards to get a chair to sit in, he pays me no mind, I then call his mother a fat whore. The first guy that comes in is talking to me about what i think of their God Amestra, i tell him nothing he really wants to hear. Im just glad he didnt ask me about what happened to Boris, i was almost ready to crack and tell that guy i killed him. The next guy who enters is a old man who pains scales all over the walls, i mock him and he just smiles and says he loves to paint. The next guy who comes in is some ginger bitch with a hot rod with a brand of a balance scale on it. He heats it up with bare hands as I think “oh shit that thing has my name written all over it.” It did. He jabs it right into my chest as i yell in pain and pass out again. This is when the story get crazy. When i open my eyes all i see is white nothingness for as far as my eyes can see inn any direction. I know im not in the same world anymore. I actually thought i was dead. The next thing i see is the god ive been hearing so much about Amestra who is holding a scale in one hand and sword in the other while wearing a blind fold. I think to myself no way shes real. She asked me what i wanted more than anything and i said, i just want balance. Her scale tips to one side and said “your gonna have to give something in order to get what you want, your soul should do quite nicely”. She reaches out her hand and these long black nails started to grow and she began to reach for my chest. Right as that happens a man wearing gold and green armor with lions on his chest plate appears outta no where and grabs her arm and punches the hell out of her and sends her flying. He says to me his name is lion el jonson as he extends he hand out to me. I shake his hand and said “thanks for getting that bitch off of me”. He tell me that the fall of mankind is about to happen to if i dont get to this plant called meadin and find this antidote and give to this man named Roboute Guliliman who can apparently save the human race somehow. He must really think im special to save my soul and to give me this task. My jaw is still on the floor as i cant believe all of this happening and i really have no idea what is happening. So jonson takes his leave right as that bitch stumbles to her feet, things are starting to get blurry again as she quickly extends her claw hand out and grabs my face and cruses me as struggle to pull her hand away, as i fad out i flip that bitch the bird come too back shackled back the wall looking at fire crotch. I stand their as i realized ive just been touched by a angel. My body feels invigorated and stonger as my chest is still glowing red from the brand. I feel as though their is a new untapped energy lurking deep inside me.

Here We Go Again

Journal of Anatoli Stolbov

We get off the ship and meet up with the commissar Iman and are briefed the town is friendly. I don’t particularly agree with anyone being friendly, but perhaps there are exceptions. We resupply our ammunition stash, or at least those with guns do. I prefer my sword, less chance for things to break. The guard, or what have you, Walt talks amongst Remus while he drops us off at the town, north side so to remove our suspicions of being associated with the army that just landed outside town.

We enter town, Remus, Shaft, and Alabaster go into the town’s temple to get some recon, while Jace and I wander around to find something a little less…holy. Unfortunately, Commissar Iman was correct, everyone here is a pious person and the “seediest” place we could find was a general store. Here we met a nice individual promising me and Jace a place to stay in exchange for fixing things and she also says that she will point us towards where the heretics are. The heretics on this planet are suffered as they do not “disturb the balance.” Laughable, when knowing the God Emperor’s intolerance of heretical groups but all worlds must have different customs until they worship Him.

We left her store and she stopped by the temple, pointing Jace in the correct direction of the heretic meeting place. I promised to follow Kathryn home to help fix her place and get a head start on the repair. We went into the temple where I learned some of the inane customs that are present in their worship of Amestra. Alabaster managed to find me in the temple with Kathryn. Psykers ruining my chance at hedonism. I don’t trust the pale one, he doesn’t fight with gun or sword but his mind.

While repairing her house, Alabster and I establish comms with Shaft and Remus. They were in the heretical group’s building, however I know not how they got in. They were in trouble though and could only communicate in hidden phrases or clicks of the comm device. Alabaster Jace and I decide we have to save them. Again, I have to save the cop. I hope this time I don’t have to drink anymore, I prefer my stimms.

Give Chase

Roarick Headhunter Journal Entry #37

...heathens. Disgusting examples of a human. Words cannot explain the horrors these men possessed. When we entered Miranda’s, everyone was a statue, unmoving, not even breathing. As we made our way to the top of the building we encountered these… creatures. Sadistic men who at first appeared to be under the spell as well, but suddenly became unfrozen and pulled masks down from their top hats hissing as they produced poisonous needles from their finger tips. Their movements were hard to track and even harder to avoid. Everyone else nearly died crawling towards the end as the creatures sowed their poison into their veins making each movement a task in its own. As we vanquished the creatures Inquisitor Jorvan appeared pale and out of breath. He shook his head and said what we were facing was unlike anything he had ever encountered before. We approached the ship’s entrance ramp on the roof to confront the heretics, but watched astounded as a man who we thought to have killed earlier walked down the ramp greeting us… him and forty copies of him all with various numbers of piercings covering their bodies. The fight was tiring and seemingly endless. We defeated all of doppelgangers, but lost in the end as the ship lifted up for departure, the same man calling out a challenge to us over the ships broadcasting system. He had managed to capture High Inquisitor Maraxus and bid us follow him to Meadin, where his section’s operations occurred. A bold challenge that could be a wild goose chase, or a trap. At any rate, my medicine is low and I must visit Old man Stubbard on planet Fervidus if I am to be of any further use to the God Emperor. May he protect the acolytes and High Inquisitor Maraxus and Inquisitor Jorvan Pierce. My gut tells me they will need it.


Roarick Headhunter Journal Entry #36

As expected, weak. These acolytes are weak of mind and of body with nothing to call a strength. However they at least do not show the COWARDICE my dear brother displays at every opportunity. I will hunt that man down and make him pay with my own… with these two arms. He cannot hope to escape my wrath. Soren is dead, but we have been duped. The shipment is taking place on top of Miranda’s building in the middle of the city. They knew we were coming, and were prepared for it. As High Inquisitor Maraxus said, it is time for the reckoning. No more hiding, no more surprises. Just the way I prefer it…

Servants of the Emperor? HA!

Roarick Headhunter Journal Entry #35

High Inquisitor Maraxus is very clever, but I fear the cards have played against us this time. He fakes his death in order to attract the eye of the Inquisition and receive help, and this is who they send to apprehend the killer of a High Inquisitor? My how the Imperium of Man has fallen. Will they send a single regiment of the Imperial Guard to hunt a greater daemon next? Such acts of foolishness will only make man appear weaker than they already are. Three of these men are not even worth talking to as they stink of scum. Jace, Anatoli, Remus, all are scum filth and cannot be trusted until they have proven their faith is unshakable in the face of danger. Scum have no backbone and will not safeguard yours unless it benefits them. Even Alabastor seems somewhat untrustworthy. I believe he is a psyker, and most psykers cannot even trust themselves. If one cannot trust one’s self, than how can they earn the trust of others? High Inquisitor Maraxus and Inquisitor Jorvan Pierce are working on a plan of attack to strike down the Blue Moon Gang and Miranda’s who are working together to supply slaves and supplies to a heretical organization known as the Sons of Terra. They claim to be fighting for the people, ha! All who dare oppose the will of the God-Emperor try to justify their discontent, but in the end will meet their doom.

Double Cross

Inquisitor Jorvan Pierce Log 4280

Jace revealed to me today that there are three other gangs present in the city besides the Blue Moon Gang; Miranda’s, the Coins, and the Mad Hatters. Each organization controls a respective part of town and are in constant conflict with each other. Jace has managed to catch the eye of a Blue Moon Captain, Soren, and has been told to infiltrate Miranda’s and retrieve files of her member list in order to find any rats within his own gang. However, Jace plans to double cross Soren and side with Miranda in hopes of retrieving the prisoner, James Ruth, once she has brought the hammer down upon the Blue Moon Gang. It is a gambit, and could result in the entire team dying. Can one ever trust the word of a scum no matter what rank they hold in the Underworld?


Inquisitor Jorvan Pierce Log 4279

As expected of new recruits, failure. The arbitrator, Jon Shaft, has already managed to grab the attention of every criminal possible by declaring he was looking for James Ruth in a bar. The man was almost killed, but luckily Anatoli by the grace of the Emperor was able to challenge the bar owner to three shots of his most powerful lager. The assassin passed out, but earned the respect of the criminals in the bar. While I am glad the two did not come of harm, I worry that the wrong ears were in the bar. Jace managed to get a job with a criminal in the bar whose name is Hedley. The man claims to be doing a job for the Blue Moon Gang and this could be an opportunity for at least one of them to infiltrate. I hope I can trust Jace to do what is in the best interest of the Inquisition and not for himself. Remus and Alabastor are a day away. I pray that they can help salvage this debacle and speed up the capture.

The Hunt Begins

Inquisitor Jorvan Pierce Log 4278

High Inquisitor Maraxus has been murdered. The body has not yet been found, but the suspected murderer has been identified as James Ruth. He is hiding out on the Hive planet Charlet, and must be brought to justice, but there is a complication in that the man owes a significant debt to a gang on the planet known as the Blue Moon Gang, a criminal organization known for selling slaves. We would just simply purchase the man, but the Blue Moon does careful business with those they know, and never sell to a random buyer. These new recruits I have brought on are not the most trustworthy of men, but their personas and past life will allow them to perhaps infiltrate without being noticed. Alabastor and Remus are on their way from their last mission and I hope they arrive soon. We are departing for Charlet now. Mental notes about the new recruits.

Jace Felsworn- This is the man I must entrust leadership to while they are planetside. He has extensive experience with gang life having come from Gunmetal City on Scintilla, a disgusting lawless city. His dedication to the God-Emperor is absolute, but his dedication to the well being of people may be something to watch for.

Anatoli Stolbov- An assassin of merit, he is very quick on his feet and deadly with a sword, of course I have never seen an assassin that was as bad of a marksman as he. The man also has an affinity for drugs, mainly stimm packs. While it is not heresy it still merits my eye.

Jon Shaft- A stern arbitrator, this is a man I believe I can trust like Remus and Alabastor. His conviction for the God Emperor and his dedication to justice is a shining example to the other two in his party. However, I do fear that such powerful feelings may blind him on this mission and possibly expose their infiltration.


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