Balance of Mankind

Double Cross

Inquisitor Jorvan Pierce Log 4280

Jace revealed to me today that there are three other gangs present in the city besides the Blue Moon Gang; Miranda’s, the Coins, and the Mad Hatters. Each organization controls a respective part of town and are in constant conflict with each other. Jace has managed to catch the eye of a Blue Moon Captain, Soren, and has been told to infiltrate Miranda’s and retrieve files of her member list in order to find any rats within his own gang. However, Jace plans to double cross Soren and side with Miranda in hopes of retrieving the prisoner, James Ruth, once she has brought the hammer down upon the Blue Moon Gang. It is a gambit, and could result in the entire team dying. Can one ever trust the word of a scum no matter what rank they hold in the Underworld?



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