Balance of Mankind

Entrusted to Existence

From the thoughts of Alabaster Greyling

Their are two worlds that exist. We have learned this from the father of humanity, from The Emperor himself. Most live their lives unaware of those forces living in that other world, I face that world daily. The warp is a land of Daemons and chaos, full of carnage and evil, yet my powers flow forth from this darkened plane. This world is familiar to me and I can recognize its pull in the corporeal world, enough to see its denizens as they emerge. Daemons are humanity’s greatest threat, and now we have stumbled into their arms.

The search had not been going well, we were unable to locate any lead that might allow us to progress towards finding our friends. We were getting desperate, almost as desperate as that scum Jace incapable of keeping his pants zipped. We had gravitated towards the center of the city, the temple in our search. We continued searching without luck as the hours to the night’s sacrifice trickled away like sand through an hourglass. In our desperation I hatched a plan, one that seemed crazy enough that it just might work.

After preparing my mind, and the com device I felt I might need to summon, I strode boldly towards the statue at the center of the temple, and began to climb. I can say that I honestly had everyone’s attention as I ascended the face of their beloved false deity and drew my shotgun. I blew half her face off before the guards caught up to me. I kicked free of their attempts to grab me then launched myself down upon the guard at my feet. I landed upon him with a sickening crunch. I was quite pleased with myself, until a club slammed into the back of my skull. All I remembered thinking was, that hurt…

I awoke, seemingly a short time later, chained to the ceiling in a cell. Anatoli would later inform me I had been drug away to the counsel building. As I tried to sort out my bewildered mind the door swung open and High Inquisitor Maraxus strode in. I tried to gain insight into the situation through the warp, but Maraxus held me with his own mind. At the same time I heard the trill of a flute, what strange happenings. After a short but heated discussion I was convinced that this was not Maraxus. The fact that he was overjoyed at being sacrificed was a big hint, as well as his constant references to the false god Amestra. After a few words he strode out, replaced with a strange scuzzy looking piece of rabble holding an ink pot. I tried to yell at him to stay away, realizing my mind was at the moment about as capable as any other imperial citizen, but he advanced and tripped. The pot fell and shattered, covering the floor with its contents.

I tried to keep away from the ink, but I was not strong enough to hold myself off of the floor. I watched in horror as the ink then began to move of its own accord, moving towards me across the floor, then up my leg, finally settling at the base of my neck. It formed a balance and began to glow brightly. I groaned internally as the world fell away. My companions described similar meetings with Amestra. The talk of a gift and of a price, though I hear I used the most colorful language. Who knew you could offend a Daemon? I just wish I could have pegged her with that lugie. She soon showed her true, full fledged, daemon colors. This is where that two worlds stuff comes in. An entire world, devoted to a Daemon.

Did I mention I HATE daemon. Really, I really hate them.

Alright, so this crazy beast was determined to tear me to shreds. I was almost resigned to my fate when I was saved. By a PRIMARCH! A son of the emperor, Corax of the Raven Guard, appeared in all of his metallic winged glory. Driving the daemon away from me he then turned to me and charged me with a momentous task. Go to Fervidus, get an antidote from Rufus Stubbard, go to Morgran, and revive Roboute Guilliman (primarch of the Ultramarines). He told me we, me and my companions, are the key to saving humanity. Then he just flew away, leaving me with Her.

I stared again in horror as one of the two snake creatures hanging from her back lunged at, and latched onto, my throat. I felt the venom course through my veins as she spoke of a curse, and then I awoke.

Myself, Remus, John, and Jace were rounded up into a group and brought into a large underground chamber along with Maraxus, the council, and the pied piper. We were unable to move as we were elevated to the level of the temple we were under, trussed mentally like pigs to the slaughter. The sacrifice was about to commence when Anatoli and Inquisitor Jorvan leapt into battle. The fight did not go well though they were only stalling to give the Un-Shattered Sabers time to get to the temple. We were unable to do anything as our comrades bravely fought a losing battle. Just as it seemed we were about to lose Anatoli, Maraxus seemed to come to his senses.

I quickly healed Anatoli’s wounds, using the warp to force his broken ribs back into place and readied myself to start dropping enemies when all hell broke loose. Maraxus began to levitate and at the apex of his float blinding light exploded from his body and he began to change. He became scaly, snakes emerged, a balance and flaming sword appeared, as well as a blindfold. The daemon Amestra was amongst us. We quailed with horror, our times seemed up as she gloated over her victory. Then everything stopped.

All sound vanished and the world was still save for us, Amestra, and a well dressed figure in the temple doorway. He was chewing a blood filled apple as he argued with Amestra to spare our lives. Clearly dominant he forced her hand and we were commanded to leave the planet immediately. The mans presence, speech, and tendency to produce belching flames made him an easily recognizable daemon. I tried to bring Jorvan with us but we were commanded to leave him, besides the gravity around him was increased greatly. As Remus and I fought to lift him Maraxus returned to normal and begged us to just go. I stood and didn’t look back. We strode out of town behind this new unknown daemon, and were teleported to the Saber’s now empty camp.

As we strode towards the ship the daemon made his demands clear. We were to leave the planet for another, marked down in the ships log. As I entered the threshold a familiar voice came over the speakers. Roarick was in orbit, I promised him we would meet him and discuss what happened. As my companions boarded the daemon told us he almost forgot something. Searing images flew through my mind as he conjured up the sight of hundreds slaughtered, rivers of blood, and my own hand dispatching the God Emperor himself. Well, the truth is subjective.


I apologize for miss-spelling every name in the campaign. That’s my bad.

Entrusted to Existence

Its straight bro I fixed it. BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON!!! poof

Entrusted to Existence

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