Balance of Mankind

Give Chase

Roarick Headhunter Journal Entry #37

...heathens. Disgusting examples of a human. Words cannot explain the horrors these men possessed. When we entered Miranda’s, everyone was a statue, unmoving, not even breathing. As we made our way to the top of the building we encountered these… creatures. Sadistic men who at first appeared to be under the spell as well, but suddenly became unfrozen and pulled masks down from their top hats hissing as they produced poisonous needles from their finger tips. Their movements were hard to track and even harder to avoid. Everyone else nearly died crawling towards the end as the creatures sowed their poison into their veins making each movement a task in its own. As we vanquished the creatures Inquisitor Jorvan appeared pale and out of breath. He shook his head and said what we were facing was unlike anything he had ever encountered before. We approached the ship’s entrance ramp on the roof to confront the heretics, but watched astounded as a man who we thought to have killed earlier walked down the ramp greeting us… him and forty copies of him all with various numbers of piercings covering their bodies. The fight was tiring and seemingly endless. We defeated all of doppelgangers, but lost in the end as the ship lifted up for departure, the same man calling out a challenge to us over the ships broadcasting system. He had managed to capture High Inquisitor Maraxus and bid us follow him to Meadin, where his section’s operations occurred. A bold challenge that could be a wild goose chase, or a trap. At any rate, my medicine is low and I must visit Old man Stubbard on planet Fervidus if I am to be of any further use to the God Emperor. May he protect the acolytes and High Inquisitor Maraxus and Inquisitor Jorvan Pierce. My gut tells me they will need it.



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