Balance of Mankind

Here We Go Again

Journal of Anatoli Stolbov

We get off the ship and meet up with the commissar Iman and are briefed the town is friendly. I don’t particularly agree with anyone being friendly, but perhaps there are exceptions. We resupply our ammunition stash, or at least those with guns do. I prefer my sword, less chance for things to break. The guard, or what have you, Walt talks amongst Remus while he drops us off at the town, north side so to remove our suspicions of being associated with the army that just landed outside town.

We enter town, Remus, Shaft, and Alabaster go into the town’s temple to get some recon, while Jace and I wander around to find something a little less…holy. Unfortunately, Commissar Iman was correct, everyone here is a pious person and the “seediest” place we could find was a general store. Here we met a nice individual promising me and Jace a place to stay in exchange for fixing things and she also says that she will point us towards where the heretics are. The heretics on this planet are suffered as they do not “disturb the balance.” Laughable, when knowing the God Emperor’s intolerance of heretical groups but all worlds must have different customs until they worship Him.

We left her store and she stopped by the temple, pointing Jace in the correct direction of the heretic meeting place. I promised to follow Kathryn home to help fix her place and get a head start on the repair. We went into the temple where I learned some of the inane customs that are present in their worship of Amestra. Alabaster managed to find me in the temple with Kathryn. Psykers ruining my chance at hedonism. I don’t trust the pale one, he doesn’t fight with gun or sword but his mind.

While repairing her house, Alabster and I establish comms with Shaft and Remus. They were in the heretical group’s building, however I know not how they got in. They were in trouble though and could only communicate in hidden phrases or clicks of the comm device. Alabaster Jace and I decide we have to save them. Again, I have to save the cop. I hope this time I don’t have to drink anymore, I prefer my stimms.



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