Balance of Mankind

Servants of the Emperor? HA!

Roarick Headhunter Journal Entry #35

High Inquisitor Maraxus is very clever, but I fear the cards have played against us this time. He fakes his death in order to attract the eye of the Inquisition and receive help, and this is who they send to apprehend the killer of a High Inquisitor? My how the Imperium of Man has fallen. Will they send a single regiment of the Imperial Guard to hunt a greater daemon next? Such acts of foolishness will only make man appear weaker than they already are. Three of these men are not even worth talking to as they stink of scum. Jace, Anatoli, Remus, all are scum filth and cannot be trusted until they have proven their faith is unshakable in the face of danger. Scum have no backbone and will not safeguard yours unless it benefits them. Even Alabastor seems somewhat untrustworthy. I believe he is a psyker, and most psykers cannot even trust themselves. If one cannot trust one’s self, than how can they earn the trust of others? High Inquisitor Maraxus and Inquisitor Jorvan Pierce are working on a plan of attack to strike down the Blue Moon Gang and Miranda’s who are working together to supply slaves and supplies to a heretical organization known as the Sons of Terra. They claim to be fighting for the people, ha! All who dare oppose the will of the God-Emperor try to justify their discontent, but in the end will meet their doom.



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