Balance of Mankind


Inquisitor Jorvan Pierce Log 4279

As expected of new recruits, failure. The arbitrator, Jon Shaft, has already managed to grab the attention of every criminal possible by declaring he was looking for James Ruth in a bar. The man was almost killed, but luckily Anatoli by the grace of the Emperor was able to challenge the bar owner to three shots of his most powerful lager. The assassin passed out, but earned the respect of the criminals in the bar. While I am glad the two did not come of harm, I worry that the wrong ears were in the bar. Jace managed to get a job with a criminal in the bar whose name is Hedley. The man claims to be doing a job for the Blue Moon Gang and this could be an opportunity for at least one of them to infiltrate. I hope I can trust Jace to do what is in the best interest of the Inquisition and not for himself. Remus and Alabastor are a day away. I pray that they can help salvage this debacle and speed up the capture.



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