Balance of Mankind

The Hunt Begins

Inquisitor Jorvan Pierce Log 4278

High Inquisitor Maraxus has been murdered. The body has not yet been found, but the suspected murderer has been identified as James Ruth. He is hiding out on the Hive planet Charlet, and must be brought to justice, but there is a complication in that the man owes a significant debt to a gang on the planet known as the Blue Moon Gang, a criminal organization known for selling slaves. We would just simply purchase the man, but the Blue Moon does careful business with those they know, and never sell to a random buyer. These new recruits I have brought on are not the most trustworthy of men, but their personas and past life will allow them to perhaps infiltrate without being noticed. Alabastor and Remus are on their way from their last mission and I hope they arrive soon. We are departing for Charlet now. Mental notes about the new recruits.

Jace Felsworn- This is the man I must entrust leadership to while they are planetside. He has extensive experience with gang life having come from Gunmetal City on Scintilla, a disgusting lawless city. His dedication to the God-Emperor is absolute, but his dedication to the well being of people may be something to watch for.

Anatoli Stolbov- An assassin of merit, he is very quick on his feet and deadly with a sword, of course I have never seen an assassin that was as bad of a marksman as he. The man also has an affinity for drugs, mainly stimm packs. While it is not heresy it still merits my eye.

Jon Shaft- A stern arbitrator, this is a man I believe I can trust like Remus and Alabastor. His conviction for the God Emperor and his dedication to justice is a shining example to the other two in his party. However, I do fear that such powerful feelings may blind him on this mission and possibly expose their infiltration.



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