Roarick Headhunter


WS 42 BS 36 S 47 T 42 Ag 36 Int 32 Per 35 WP 40 Fel 37

Skills: Awareness(+10), Carouse(+20), Dodge(+10), Evaluate, Scrutiny(+10)

Traits: Unnatural Strength x2, Natural Weapons (Bionic Arms)

Talents: Two Weapon Wielding, Ambidextrous, Leap Up, Swift Attack, Crushing Blow

Weapon: x2 Hand Cannons (Master)


Not this again.

This is the famous Headhunter family?

Why does this memory keep haunting me?

Pathetic. It seems as if the saying “like father like son” doesn’t apply here.

I can’t believe him! Look at him crying like a baby. Did he tell them? Did that spineless rat tell them where we lived?! HEDLEY!

Roarick shot up out of bed panting heavily.

“Whoa whoa, take it easy,” coaxed the man leaning against the wall. “You’ve only just come out of surgery you can’t…”

“What surgery? Where am I?”

“You were losing blood fast kid there wasn’t much time. Don’t worry, you’re safe here.”

“Where’s mom and dad?”

“I’m sorry kid they…”

“Where are they?”

“Look kid you need to slow down. Like I said you only recently got out of surgery. Hell its a miracle you lived long enough to…”

Roarick then leaped from his bed and charged the man. The man was bigger than him, but he didn’t care. He grabbed the man’s collar and slammed him against the wall before the man could react.

“You bastard. Tell me where my parents are.”

“How do they feel your new arms?

Roarick paused and out of the corner of his eye noticed a sheen on his forearm. No.

So this is the second son? Seems like he has more backbone than his older brother.


Oh? The famous Headhunter Hand Cannons I feel so honored.


You fought well, but against someone like me there is no contest.


Oh? You definitely will kill me with those guns? Is that so? But tell me how do you plan to hold them?


Roarick watched in horror as the man his father was hunting severed his arms before he was pulled back into reality.

Roarick couldn’t move. He sat helpless on the floor staring at the bionic arms that now replaced the ones he had. Why was he here? He should be dead with his parents, not here. A loud clap echoed as a book hit the floor in front of him.

“Death is relaxing. After you die you have no more worries, no more obligations, no grudges. In death you can find peace and tranquility. However, death is not for everyone. You might say it isn’t allowed for some. You’re alive and that tells me that you aren’t allowed to die yet. No, you have something that must be done first.”

“And what does this book have to do with it?”

“It’s the Imperial Creed, the most widely accepted religion of the God Emperor. You are alive because of him. Read it, you might find the answer to your final task that will allow you to have peace.”

Roarick stared down at the book as if it was going to give him the answer immediately. Slightly angered he lashed out at the old man.

“What about you? Have you found your answer?”

The man laughed as he walked out of the room.

“I’m still alive. What do you think kid?”

Roarick Headhunter

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