WS: 32 BS: 30 S: 28 T: 29 Ag: 42 Int: 41 Per: 42 WP: 33 Fel: 40

Skills: Awareness +10, Contortionist, Dodge +10, Gamble +20, Shadowing, Silent Move +10

Talents: Hard Target, Light Sleeper, Step Aside


Irwing is a rascal. His parents are unknown by anyone on Jausten. He is eleven years old, and is faster and smarter than anyone who tries to contain him. He has been living life by the seat of his pants gambling, swindling, and thieving from the populace, Jausten’s only criminal. Irwing wants to leave Jausten. The planet bores him and he knows that his life is meant for much grander things.


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