Allison Kietel


WS: 30 BS: 47 S: 32 T: 34 Ag: 37 Int: 38 Per: 44 WP: 31 Fel: 30

Skills: Awareness +10, Dodge, Inquiry +10, Interrogation +10

Talents: Air of Authority, Ambidextrous, Deadeye Shot, Gunslinger, Independent Targeting, Leap Up, Light Sleeper, Marksman, Mighty Shot, Pistol Training, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Sharpshooter

Wounds: 15


A 1st Lieutenant on Jausten, Allison grew up training her entire life to protect those around her. No one is a better marksman on the entire planet. She has only fired her weapon seven times at another making her kill count seven. She feels her talent and passion going to waste on Jausten and that it would be an insult to the God Emperor’s gift if she were to stay on the planet not helping where she is needed most.

Allison Kietel

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