Alabaster Greyling

Wounds 7 Fate Points 2

STATS WS 30 BS 33 Str 26 T 31 Ag 36 Int 36 Per 36 WP 53 Fel 29

Psy Rating 2 Cmpt.Stub Shtgn Staff Psy knife Sorin’s Sword 1d 10 +2 ARMOR 2 Body WEALTH 50 h3.

Skills: Language Low Gothic, Ship psyniscience invocation trademerch trade Soothsay Lit.

Talents/Traits: MWT prim PWT SP Charmed ill-omened low grav not diff. terrain Immune space travel sick

Spells: Spasm t7 o5 Unnat. aim t8 Call itm t5 Heal t7 Flshbng t6 Dll pain t8 Tch Mad t11 o10 Sns Pres t7 o5 Chmln t7

GEAR: 13 rounds fine suit 19 shells psy focus sanction brand pack of lhos lighter fountain pen

Movement: 3 6 9 18

Alabater is 1.8m tall, 60kg, and gaunt. He has watery blue eyes and black hair with a fair complexion. He is 23. He has widely spaced eyes and is void born. As an Imp. Psyker his will is nearly unparalleled. Combined with his power hungry nature he is a very dangerous opponent, but a very strong ally. He is to be watched out for, his desires may overexert his loyalty.

Alabaster Greyling

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