The Balance of Mankind

Days Played: 5

Current Number of PCs: 5

Number of Deaths (including FP burned): 1

Last Location: On the shrine world Jausten in the city of Renos.

Prepare for the fight that will decide mankind’s fate. 10,000 years ago the Eldar met their gruesome fate, collapsing in on themselves nearly exterminating each other as cults sprung up from their once great society each one pursuing knowledge that was not theirs to have. The so called superior race fell into civil war killing each other and giving birth to the Chaos God known as Slaanesh. The birth was so violent it could not be contained in the Warp and seeped into real-space creating the anomaly known as the Eye of Terror, a gateway that leads directly to the Warp, the home of Chaos and all daemons of the galaxy.

History is about to repeat itself as Slaanesh’s insatiable gaze has fallen on mankind and seeks to consume them. The odds are against mankind as their fate becomes bound to five low acolytes of the Inquisition under the command of Inquisitor Jorvan Pierce.

Balance of Mankind

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